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Message In Our Bottle

Discover the Message In Our Bottle

Ecover's pledge is helping to clean up the planet one bottle
at a time.

The Pledge

We pledge to constantly innovate, evaluate and future proof our products; from the ingredients we choose, the processes we use to the bottles in your home.

We're hooked on plastic - future proofing our bottles with the clever mix of Plant-astic, Recycled Plastic and reclaimed Sea Plastic will set new standards in packaging, closing the loop in everyday recycling making it the easy choice for you.

Our pledge to you is that we will never stand still when it comes to sustainability.

Philip Malmberg, Ecover CEO

Watch the movie

Why plastic needs more innovation...

And what the future holds.

Just take a look at this...

Ptolemy and the Bee

The Bee is starting to take wings...
Check out our photo album!
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Bee Inspired

The humble Bumblebee was the inspiration for our powerful, sustainable and pioneering Eco-Surfactants.
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Cleaning the seas

one catch at a time

Yes, that's right. We're fishing for plastic then turning it into sustainable packaging.

Genius! The seas are cleaner, the fish are healthier, and the plastics can be recycled again and again.

Have Your Say

Message in our Bottle: You could say we're hooked on plastic, but in a good way. The question is what do you think of plastic and it's role in today's throw-away society? Come and share your thoughts and see what others think too!

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57. B
8 days ago

I believe it is all our responsibility to reduce the amount of plastic in our food chain and our environment by recycling and lobbying our supermarkets and governments to produce and use sustainable and recyclable alternatives. Plastic has a major role in our current through away society but much of it is not recyclable. There needs to be a cultural shift on all levels. The environment and the impact of humans on it seems like a far away consequence but it is changing our world negatively now. We can all do more, I actively looks for ways to recycle. If we all actively participate in recycling initiatives, we can make a difference and leave the environment in a healthy way than we found it.

56. Delcercy
5 months ago

Humans are intelligent enough to put things into recycling bins or recycle banks. But some need motivation and I think a place like the tip but collects only plastic and each item is worth one point and when you collect points you could redeem them in for vouchers that you can spend in shops etc, think kids will collect plastic rubbish and collect points for vouchers.when I was young many ago, me and my brother use to go out and try find pop bottles to take to the local shop for pennmofories and then we go to the bakery for cakes as our treat. It was fun to do and we loved the rewards. Bring this sort of thing back, imagine everyone running to the beach to find plastic bottles for a chance of rewards :-) simple thing to set up and I think the government should inject money to start these places up. I melt my plastic bottles to make slabs for the garden.

55. KathyKat
A year or more ago

Really great company, more should follow your lead. A lot of plastic used should be banned, it is over the top and much of it is unnecessary!

54. sukey
A year or more ago

i think it very important what youre doing. i have one of those sea bottle and keep getting it filled cause i think its great, well done.. they should BAN all carrier bags there not needed people are just lazy

53. Sammyeco
A year or more ago

I think ecover are fantastic about helping the enviroment, if all firms followed your Eco footsteps the planet would be safer and a lot healthier, how can we get these firms to follow in your Eco footsteps, and why do you see on tv that other countries are a lot more Eco friendly than us, and we are way behind how can we remedy this?