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Even more Fantastic Plantplastic

At Ecover, we've always been ones to do things a little differently. And although we're anything but superficial, our latest breakthrough proves it's not just what's on the inside that counts.

Like you, we recognise that plastic packaging is a major problem - not only does it clutter up your home, the plastic is made from petrochemicals - an increasingly scarce resource.

Made with recycled and PlantPlastic

So, we have teamed up with Closed Loop Recycling, who are just as fanatical about plastic as us, to develop bottles that include your kerbside recycled plastic (Post Consumer Resin - PCR) with our very own green plastic (Polyethylene - PE).

The innovative design incorporates 25% PCR and 75% green PE, and we think that is pretty fanplastic!

It does not stop there though. Our limited edition Ocean Plastic Bottle went down a storm, so keep your eyes peeled for our next step in our ocean plastic journey.


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24. Aster
A year or more ago

Love your products and have used them for years. However I much preferred the slimmer, more elegant design of the previous bottles and labels. The current ones are less easy to handle and look more down market. Sorry! Fab that u are continuing to experiment.

23. Michele8
A year or more ago

I like the new more eco plastic bottle of the camomile washing up liquid but the top needs a rethink. I bought it and when I got home it had opened and half the contents were on everything. THAT IS NOT GREEN to waste the contents (and half to throw stuff away cuz it is soaked in detergent - even if it smells nice). Sorry to be negative. Design a firmer top please.

22. linns
A year or more ago

great,modern,colouful,clean design very effective in the home,no nasties in it but still gets the job done,100% recyclable

21. Jen
A year or more ago

Looks much better and will stand up to your competitors

20. linns
A year or more ago

quality products,great smells ,effective in the home ,a little bit more expensive but worth it and recyclable